Shenny: Yeah, I’m a Dreamer Too

The Big Bang Theory episode 7.13 illustrated, once again, the problems with Lenny versus Shenny. For me, it was not just that Leonard was not supportive of Penny’s decision, while Sheldon was supportive. That was part of it, and that was definitely the point that Penny latched onto for most of the episode. The truth is, I didn’t really expect or want Leonard to throw a ticker-tape parade because Penny quit The Cheesecake Factory. I understood his doubts. TCF was Penny’s only source of income, and I could see money issues coming up in a future episode.

What really, really got me was Leonard’s behavior in the cafeteria when he was eating lunch with Raj, Howard, and Amy. I think it was Amy who asked Leonard if he was OK with Penny quitting TCF. Leonard indicated that he was, but then when Amy seemed to buy this, Leonard was thrilled at how convincing he came off, enough to call Penny to convey his support while he could remember how he said this. I just hate how he lies to Penny. He is much more concerned with what Penny wants to hear, then with what is best for Penny.

Ironically, I DON’T believe that Sheldon said what he said just to try to please Penny or give her what she wanted to hear. I believe that he was merely giving his own thoughts on the matter. If he thought she was making a bad decision he would have told her that. The reason that Sheldon gave for supporting her decision was totally in character for him. He had dreams of being a physicist (and pursuing the Nobel Prize) and we all know Sheldon doesn’t think much about money. He didn’t express any concern with her being a freeloader this time, like he had in the past, so that was interesting.

I feel like this isn’t the last we have explored this issue. I loved how Sheldon inserted himself into the Lenny relationship discussion. He is more interested in their relationship than in his own relationship with Amy, whose name never came up from his end during this episode. Leonard and Penny’s resolution was quiet and she did not even hug him or give him a kiss. She just said “OK.” Sheldon asked a good question though: “How do we put up with it?” (meaning Leonard and his behavior) I’d like to know the answer to that as well.


I know I’ve already obsessed over this episode, but I can’t get over it, really. Like, this episode just felt different. If nothing else, it’s an acknowledgment by the writers that they understand why we love Sheldon and Penny’s friendship and chemistry. Sometimes we get things from Penny’s perspective, like in the Werewolf Transformation where she named all the things they’d been through together, and sometimes we get it from Sheldon’s, like last night, and when he thought she was remarkable.

Sheldon totally supports Penny’s career endeavors because, like so many fanfiction writers have always known, “we’re dreamers.” He gets her when Leonard doesn’t, because Leonard has never seen past Penny’s looks and her surface qualities. Sheldon doesn’t care about Penny’s looks (in theory; he does like to sneak some peeks, and during the yoga he couldn’t take his eyes off her) so he can see what lies beneath.

Plus, there’s the underlying sexual tension displayed with the yoga, and how Sheldon basically only talks about genitals and such when he’s in her presence. Although he has no interest in coitus, it’s interesting that it always seems to come up in conversation when he’s with her.

I KNOW this won’t mean anything in the future for the two of them; most Shenny episodes never have any follow-up or meaning later. Like, what happened to the friendship growing while Leonard was gone during the summer? They addressed it at the beginning of the season, and hasn’t been mentioned since. But when we get episodes like these when the chemistry between them actually matters, it makes me happy, and it makes sitting through the endless Shamy episodes a little easier, because at least we know that we aren’t crazy, there is something between the two of them, and it will outlast the two canon relationships that always seem to be missing whatever exists between Sheldon and Penny that we are so addicted to.

And now I’m late for work because I had to write all this about fictional people that I think about way too much. Worth it.



Yet again, we have another amazing Shenny filled episode. No matter how many times Leonard says he is on Penny’s side, it’ll never be true. He clearly is only siding with her despite what he truly feels would be best for her so she doesn’t break up with him. Sheldon on the other hand is completely supportive of Penny and even said that she was exactly like him in that they’re both “dreamers”. Sheldon has never compared anyone to being like him, except for Amy of course, but that’s just that they’re both smart. This is more of a personal comparison between Sheldon and Penny because it involves them following their dreams no matter what.

I just can’t even put into words how perfect Shenny is. The writers think Leonard and Penny are meant to be and yet they do this with Sheldon and Penny. I have a feeling that maybe they’re planning this whole “bazinga” thing where all of a sudden Shenny is canon and not Lenny/Shamy, that they also believe Sheldon and Penny are perfect and they’re just messing around with us for awhile.

I just… wow, that scene with Penny asking Sheldon if she made the right choice…and Sheldon thinks that she did and says that that’s what he’d done with his dream of being a physicist…I….just….ugh, so many Shenny feels!!!!!!